Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twinky is the name, pizza is my game

You already know what they had today. It was the thing that everybody loves: PIZZA. I'm not going to lie about it, I'm a fat person. Why else would I be writing about food, and pizza is like one of the best foods in the world. Thank you for cooking today, dining staff. If I was going to rate you, you would have gotten a 9 out of 10. But I'm not a rater. I remember one time in this school year when we had pizza for a whole week. I wish that would happen again.

I'm not the only one who loved lunch today.Justo M from class 808 said that he he liked it "but when they make the slice pizza, it's the best."

Joseph H from 803 wasn't so psyched. He said that he is not a fan of pizza but it was OK. "If there were more sea food in school, it'd be cool," he said

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Mr. Homan said...

Franklin, First of all, I have to contend that it was not in fact pizza. It was a demi-baguette smothered in tomato sauce with melted queso blanco. That, my friend, is not pizza. Secondly, I think you should do some more research into the wondrous variety of New York City pizza avaible in order to give a more informed opinion. Thanks for the review. Mr. Homan


Franklin is a student in 808 and a lover of food. The opinions he expresses in this blog are his own and in no way reflect the official culinary opinions of the school, its staff, or its students.