Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2 in 1

Another day, another cold lunch for 808 (cry)(cry). Detention continues. If the three people that took the bean-baby confess, we won't have to take the cool lunch again.

Would it be cool if we had sea food in school? That is my only question. OK, I lied to you. I have another question. Do you like Pizza? I don't any more because I've had it so much in my life. I think teacher are trying to get at me for saying I don't like pizza everyday. Next week, one of my teachers told me that I am going to have two pizza parties. Yes, you just read that, 222222222222222222 pizza parties in one week all for me not liking pizza. I will go to the party just to be with people that I love, but I'm not going to the party to eat pizza.

Don't forget, fat people rock.

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Ms. Sowin said...

Whoops! Sorry, I replied to your other post before reading this one. I actually think you are only going to have 1 pizza party on Monday and another party that will be serving delicious sandwiches on Wednesday. Keep voicing your opinion and perhaps you will persuade the staff to serve the lunch of your dreams!


Franklin is a student in 808 and a lover of food. The opinions he expresses in this blog are his own and in no way reflect the official culinary opinions of the school, its staff, or its students.