Wednesday, April 9, 2008


"The food was disgusting I can't believe the school would actually give something like that"-Reneida. This was a sad qoute from somebody close to me. Plus, I'm doing a new thing everyday. I'm going around and asking people if they liked the lunch and making a chart to show what I find. The results are so sad. Today lunch was over cooked meat and hero beard, and toasted hamburger. Also the people that liked the lunch went up by 1 from yesterday.


Mr. Homan said...

It's time for a plan of action. Yes, the data that you have collected in your charts are helpful, but even more useful would be concrete recommendations for what students want to be served in the cafeteria. You could then make a schedule to show when the students would like certain foods served. You could then bring copies of the schedule with you to lunch and request a meeting with the lunch staff. If such a schedule were approved, you would be able to plan in advance for whether you needed to bring your own lunch or you would be happy with the school lunch. Perhaps, you could even suggest that a menu be posted online each evening for the following day, so that students with internet at home could check the menu online to make an informed decision about what to do for lunch the next day. I want to commend you on leading the march towards grassroots changes in the school, for the students and by the students. Great job (although a using a dictionary to check your spelling would make it AMAZING)!

julie g said...

hey franklin. i read about you on gothamist. your blog is awesome. you are a baby genius. keep blogging.

kinakoJam said...

yes please blog more!

Lara said...

Franklin, you've got fans in California! We hope you'll bring your lunch blog back to life.


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